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brown-haired woman sitting outside cafe, holding a white bag, with plants in black and white
woman with short blonde hair wearing a black dress while sitting on dark green park bench; green shrubbery behind the bench and cream bag in her hands over her knees

The Origin Story

I remember it so clearly.  I was at a fashion show dress rehearsal, watching my models practice, getting a feel for the runway. And I couldn't help but think how absolutely phenomenal they looked as they came down the catwalk (I internally doing my own “Hercules, Hercules” clap).
It was mid afternoon and the event space was partially set up.  There was no stage lighting, and the dj was still working on his playlist, but the runway was complete.
My attention was pulled back to the moment as one of my models stepped onto the runway, and she looked incredible.  Except...
She was confident and poised and truly feeling the moment.  The dress on her was stunning, yet, for some reason it felt like her look was incomplete.  You know, just missing something . . .
As my model reached the end of the runway, she struck a pose that made me very aware of her hands. Suddenly, I had a huge lightbulb moment!
I was bummed yet excited with the realization that a killer bag would have taken her look to  the next level.  After all, real women need places for their phone, lipgloss, mints, wallet, keys . . .okay, you get the point.
But let's be real, you can't just grab any old bag to finish off your look.  And who wants to put all of their time into a truly individual style, just to pick up the same ol' same ol' accessory everyone else is carrying?

So the journey begins, and I welcome you!  Here you will find that I am not trying to dress everyone - only you.  You can be confident in knowing that each item is a unique, limited-edition piece - just like you.  After all, you're the super model of your life, and I'm honored to accessorize it!


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