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Closeup of fingers holding an ankara fabric clutch bag with faux ostrich flap over yellow floral skirt and legs with fishnets

The Origin Story

As a little girl I watched my mom wear her gorgeous fringed, wrap or draped dresses whenever the occasion barely mentioned it – much less called for it LOL!  And I found much of her jewelry worthy of sneaking into my elementary backpack to put on during the bus ride to school.  I mean, surely it wasn’t just a rule in my house that dangling earrings were unacceptable for a 4th grader.  And I eyed my mom's shoes, counting down the days until I was “old enough” for wedges and stilettos.


Funny thing – I don’t have a single memory of the women around me with their handbags.   Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if my mom and aunts didn’t have them, but, at the time, those bags didn’t make much of an impression on me.


But then, I grew up, and I started buying my own handbags... and I quickly got bored!


Everything available (and in my price-range) seemed to be the basic black bag or the mass-produced look-alike.  I found myself using random items as my handbag just to break away from the norm –briefcase satchels, vintage beaded bags or a burlap picnic bag are just some of the items that I found way more interesting than anything else that was out there.


Then one day, during a fashion show rehearsal, as I watched my models grace the stage in my clothing designs - with empty hands - it hit me: why don’t I start making bags??  Well, it took several studies, mentors, and trial-and-errors (actually, trial-and-error is still a thing), but finally ‘G’ Ná Tá Accessories was born!


My guarantee: here, you will not have to put up with basic black bags or mass-produced replicas.  It’s my intention to create a collection of limited-edition, hand-crafted and striking accessories that are both memorable and functional.  So, welcome, and I can’t wait to see which bag(s) speaks to you!

-Jade Charie-

Closeup of black sheer shirt with white polka dots, white pants with red and black stripes, green sweater and asymmetrical small handbag black and white zebra and burgundy faux leather

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