Frequently asked questions

Where are these products made?

Each handbag is hand-crafted, from sketch to production, in a small studio in Atlanta, GA.

Which bags are made from recycled material?

All bags are made using reclaimed vinyl within the structure. More and more of the inventory is being made from remnant fabrics, which is fabric that is leftover from the production run of larger design companies. It's our part in keeping these items from ending up in landfills. Recycled materials are not yet being used as a part of our designs while we focus on utilizing reclaimed and remnant textiles.

Is it possible to purchase a sold-out design?

Much of the product line is made from remnant and reclaimed materials, which is why no one style is mass produced. Please let us know which design you would like remade, and we will confirm which fabric and lining materials are available. At all cost, we will maintain the exclusivity and uniqueness of the brand.