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Black Enterprise: No longer Little Known Secrets

There has been an incredible Renaissance among Black-owned businesses as people become more conscious about who their money supports and how. Below you will find a few of the brands I personally use, either in the production of ‘G’ NÄ TÁ products or in my personal life.

Anne Swain

Sterling Crown Ring - Image property of Anne Swain

Georgia-based fine-jewelry designer Anne Swain has exquisite pieces that are not the same ol' same ol' you've seen everywhere else. As she puts it, "life is too short to wear boring jewelry." I personally own the two items shown - Crown Ring and Gold Leaf stud earrings. Moderately priced, these are gorgeous rings and earrings for everyday wear, many of which are made from reclaimed material. *swoon*

Tess World Designs

This globe-trotting brand takes pride in curating a beautiful array of fabrics from all over the world. While I am a fan of the Ankara and Kente collections there is also an exquisite selection of mud cloth, sarong, African lace, and more.

Shoo, Inc.

Whether or not you were born with it, Shoo, Inc. has got a little something to help you flaunt it This Black-owned and female-created line is a luscious cosmetics that are also cruelty-free and vegan. I'm a personal fan of the polish and matte lipsticks, but you'll find an assortment of shadows, soaps, and bronzers, as well.

Yung Yemi

If your Instagram is at all tuned in to the culture, then you have come across this Afro-futuristic photographic artist. This Toronto-based artist has an incredible talent for creating works that inspire and influence. Yung Yemi's phenomenal portfolio declares power, elegance, and strength into multi-media images that will beckon us higher... dare we engage.

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