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How to Know If It's Time to Ditch Your Basic Bag

Not everyone is ready for a handbag with personality, but there are some who have been ready long before they realized it. So, here are four ways to know you are officially over your basic bag.

#1: You Cringe At Copycats

Ever been out feeling sure of your unique look, only to have Cookie-Cutter Cathy mention that you two were carrying the exact same bag? If this realization that you, too, are still doing the status quo with your accessories has unnerved you, then you just might be ready to ditch your basic bag.

#2: Essence Envy

We've all been there - you're catching up on the IG posts of your favorite 'zine and come across an editorial and BAM - you just found your outfit inspo for your next girl's night out.

One problem - your collection of basic clutches leave much to be desired. If this gap in your wardrobe isn't sitting well with you - seems it's time to upgrade your bag collection.

#3: Lost, But Now You're Found

A unique life stage has dawned and you've decided to let go of any and all things that no longer represent how you see and aim to express yourself. The career, the relationship, the hair - they're all getting some much needed scrutiny to be sure that each lines up with your new vision for your life. Maybe it's also time you let go of those cloned clutches and go for an accessory that better speaks to your new found attitude, hmmmm?

#4: You Think Ride or Die

You've been telling yourself that a new bag is not possible until your current one completely falls off your arm and crumbles into a thousand pieces. Ok, listen - while we appreciate the die-hard (pun intended) sentiment, there are ways to be both eco-conscious and considerate to your psyche.

Send your gently-loved, career appropriate bags to organizations like Dress for Success who will forward them to low-income women preparing for interviews or their first day on the new job. Don't feel good about paying your bag forward in its destitute condition? There are local places that shred clothing, shoes and accessories into materials or fuel for other uses.

So, if you fit into any of these categories, it may very well be time for you to step out of basicness and join us in the world of forward-thinking, trailblazing women. Need some ideas? Start here:

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