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Have you met Haberry?

Ever wonder where I get the names of the different silhouettes? They are each inspired by a famous black woman whom I admire and repsect.

And the first of the bunch is Haberry (HA as in HAT, Berry as in blueberry, strawberry, raspberry... ).

As a teen, I found this actress to be versatile, magnetic, and of course, absolutely goregous. Imho I find several of her roles to be powerful (see Frankie & Alice), and yet she is not devoid of her imperfectness and life disappointments. I relate to her on so many levels, and will always be a fan.

Even in the beginning days of the Haberry bag, I knew that I wanted this style to be as oversized and varied as many of her roles. I'm excited to see that come to fruition in an even more meaningful way as I strive to use only remnant fabrics in this line.

Soooo... can you guess the starlet inspiration behind Haberry?

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