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Mask Up: How the Jorlani Face Mask Was Born

2020 has proven to be a year of change, loss or adaptation for most of us as Covid-19 shook up many industries and ways of life. And many of us are familiar with the news and direct healthcare worker reports of how surgical masks were in low supply. With many Americans feeling the pressure to mask themselves and their families, that low supply was threatened even more.

dark skinned black woman natural hair no makeup in face mask
Neutral and Natural - Shondra is flawless in the Tree Ring Face Mask

You may find it obvious that the Jorlani Face Mask would be created in response to this growing need. But you may not know how it's specific design was chosen.

Blue Dark blue, black, white Ikat face mask
Blue Ikat Jorlani Face Mask

On April 24, 2020, the CDC officially recommended that all conscious people over the age of 2years old without breathing difficulties wear a mask to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus.

black, white, silver, gray snake pocket detail
Pocket detail of Black & Silver Wool Snake Print

The Jorlani Face Mask was created in response to this growing need. Did you know that currently all ‘G’ NÄ TÁ handbags have linings made of 100% cotton? But this mask doesn't stop there. As noted in an April 2020 article by the Today Show online, adding a filter makes cotton fabric masks much more effective. So each mask contains paper filter, so that this mask washable, reusable and that much more effective.

Since this brand already has focus on utilizing remnant fabrics in an effort to reduce fabircs ending up in landfills, it was equally important to develop a mask that could be used repeatedly.

Hence, smaller fabric pieces and acquired remnants from fellow designers were used to create these fabulous pieces. This is also why there is limited availability of each mask, as they sell out once the fabric is used.

You may ask, why the over-the-head style instead of behind the ears? Upon initial research in March of this year, it was found that people would not wear masks consistently if it made their ears sore. I wanted to ensure that this mask would be both effective and easily wearable. There will, however, be a development of behind-the-ear styles to be worn for formal occasions.

So enjoy your Jorlani Face Mask, knowing that this collection was produced with much forethought, research, and precaution. I hope these help you and your family to add another source of protection to your supplies.


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