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Wallflower: Standing Out Without Tripping Up

Anybody else feeling the temptation to fade into the background, or to become volatile with the slightest trigger? These days require us to shift and handle the mayhem of life a little differently, so here are 5 ways to maintain yourself in our current environment.

1. Take 7 Seconds

There's no shortage of opinions on TONS of different topics that can set people off these days (do you wear a MAGA hat, BLM shirt, face mask - or none of the above?) However, instead of lighting the fuse, let's try a simple trick in conversation - take 7 seconds before responding. This will allow you to better process what was said and give you more insight before you respond. It's less about who's right and more about how we can do this together.

2. Find Your Center

You know back in 2019, we could go months before we needed to take a breath. But with all the craziness of the 2020's (wildfires, murder hornets, military invasions - oh my!), it's necessary to find new ways to regroup and recover. Maybe it's a full afternoon in the pool, a Sunday off the grid, or a day getting lost in local gardens. Whatever your ideal way to refresh, be sure to add that into your routine more often than usual. After all, there's waaaaaay more stress in these days than usual.

3. Do You, Boo Boo

One thing that's really important during these interesting times is to not make any single solution a one-fits-all tactic. You could witness the exact same situation as three other people, and each of you will view it and be affected differently. So be sure to tune into what benefits you, what sets you off, and what brings you back.

4. Thank You, Not Next

Taking a moment or three to tally up what is going right and what you're grateful to have is a brilliant way to arm yourself mentally. And don't rush through this or simply make a generic list. Instead, allow yourself to truly process all the good news and silver linings that still exist around you.

5. Something New

Now that we've taken time to listen, ensured our refreshment, paid attention to our needs, and listed our gratitudes, let's now shake things up in unexpected ways. Begin a new language or coding program. Switch your workout routine to include bear crawls or pliés. Learn to paint or draw your favorite celebrity. No matter what you choose, this added activity can help you to increase innovation and creativity!

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